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Lucasi Cue LD2
13mm Triangle Tip. XTC Ferrule- guaranteed for life against cracking & chipping. 15" Pro Taper. 100% North American Hard Rock Maple Shaft. Super High Gloss Finish. Irish Linen Wrap. Uniloc Quick Release Joint. Natural Stain, Diamond Imitation Bone Inlays.
Retail Price: $159.99 - Priced: $127.99

Cuetec Pool Stick

This Cuetec pool cue has a mahogany-stained maple forearm and butt sleeve. The forearm has an intricate six floating point design. The points are ivory colored, trimmed in black. Below the points is an attractive mixture of shapes in ivory, black, and reflective silver. The butt sleeve has a matching design of ovals, lines, and diamonds in the same colors. This pool stick features a black Veltex grip, stainless steel joint, and a warp-resistant, fiberglass-clad maple shaft. The shaft has the Cuetec SST "super slim taper" with the Tru-Glide finish. It's all in the technology. Cuetec cues are known for their durability and quality. Superior balance and a professional taper add to the quality hit enjoyed by professionals such as Earl Strickland and Allison Fisher. It has a 13mm Le Pro tip. Your Price $127.20

The Fury NR-2

is a 58" custom pool cuewith special selected and treated white maple shaft, 13mm fibre linen ferrule, Le Pro tip, stainless steel True-Lock joint with joint protectors, and a black butt plate. It comes with a black cue sleeve. Five rings of nickel silver with checkerboard dashes of Russian ebony and synthetic ivory adorn both sides of the joint and the butt sleeve, as well as at the base of the forearm. The butt sleeve has four thin hexagonal windows in Russian ebony, while the forearm presents a traditional six-point design. The butt sleeve and forearm are inlaid with bone-colored diamond clusters. The forearm is birdseye maple, and the wraps are black irish linen with white specks.
Fury NR-2 Cue
Price $156.00

Capone Custom Cue

19.50 oz 2-Shaft 13mm Radial Pin Flat-Faced Joint
(6) Pts Gaboon Ebony into Birdseye Maple Forearm; Malachite Fancy Spear Points;
(6) Diamond Malachite Inlays in each of the Long Gaboon Ebony Points in Forearm;
(6) Dbl. Diamond of Gaboon Ebony & Malachite w/ Dbl Malachite Spear Pts;
(5) Positions - Dbl Silver Cross-Stitch Index Rings

$2,250 Sale Pending Special Order .

Cognoscenti Cues

19.5 oz 2 Shaft 13 mm G-10 Glass Epoxy Pin Flat Faced Joint
(4 + 4) Pts Ivory Di Fiori Up & Down w/ (16) Turquoise Internal Inlays into Solid Ebony Forearm & Ebony Butt; (40) Lines & Hooks of Ivory Inlays w/ Ebony Dots; (204) Pieces of Pure Sterling Silver. Retailed price $5,496.

Sale Price $4,900, $596 Savings

Jerry Pechauer model PH-10

Jerry Pechauer cue (one of the best) suggested retail is $899.00 Sells for $719.20

Joss JC-28

Suggested Retail $519.99, Only $350.00


  • Forearm - Unstained birdseye maple forearm with 6 ebony points each with inlaid with an ivory spear head at its apex.
  • Butt Sleeve The butt is solid ebony with 16 inlaid notched ivory diamonds.
  • Joint Piloted 5/16x14 stainless steel joint (old style pin)
  • Ring Work - Ring work at C, D & E positions consists of alternating ebony, ivory and pink ivory blocks between silver rings. Single silver rings at A & B positions.
  • Wrap - Black textured leather wrap.
  • Shafts 2 13mm Shafts with phenolic ferrule
  • Weight - 19.5oz
  • Length - 58 inches
  • Condition - There are some light dings and dents on the forearm and butt sleeve. 90% condition
  • Price $650

McDermott Pool Cues

Prices Ranging from $140.00 - $2060.00

The Robin Dodson Collection

Starting at $89.00