In the Bronze Level you will build a storehouse of knowledge through the intensive instructional material provided in sixty interactive classes. We take our perceptions from our experience and turn these perceptions into a mind set. From this mind set, “We act”, “We think” and “We perform”. The Monk expertly helps you build the right mind set. From a proper mind set we flourish. The Bronze Level is Right Thinking.

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In the Silver Level you must turn the proper mind set into Skill Development. Knowledge does not pocket a ball, skill does. The Lesson book has been converted into an animated presentation of over 165 lessons. You simply click on the cue and the shots will be performed in an accurate and precise manner. Through these interactive lessons you will always know what “right action” to take. Also featured in the Silver Level is The Monk Four Points of Power program. At this point you will be taught to release the things that have always held you back from the freedom to perform. As you have acquired the vast knowledge and developed the imperative skills to succeed in this game, now is the time for you to put this complete learning into a career as a Legendary Player or a Masterful Teacher. Access to the Bronze level is also included in this level. The Silver Level is Right Action.

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In the Gold Level you will embark upon The Masters of Art in Pocket Billiards program. This is a twelve part training series designed to take your skills to a world class level. If you desire to be a professional player this is the ultimate training program for you. When you complete this program you will have gained the skills to qualify for the International Pool Tour (IPT). Included in this level is the opportunity to become a “Monk Master” as you will be invited to join The Monk as a Teacher. Once you graduate as a “Monk Master Teacher” you will be designated a protected territory. Monk Masters are in high demand worldwide. The exclusive offer to join The Monk as a “Monk Special Distributor” will also be available to you. You now can earn over a hundred thousand dollars per year representing the “Monk Masters University”. Access to the Bronze and Silver level are also included in this level.
The Gold Level is Right Mind Development.

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