Pool Billiard Playing Ability Test "PAT" comes to North America

Recent IPT champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany was quoted just prior to his finals match in Las Vegas: “I think the players have to become more professional athletes with the format, and now with the money, they have the opportunity, if they’re smart, to get a coach, get a personal trainer, and work on their game. That’s what I want to do.” Thorsten is one of the highest-rated players (813 – PAT 3) yet to take the internationally-standardized Playing Ability Test, better known as “PAT.” The system of drills was devised by pro player Ralph Eckert, the national German billiard coach Andreas Huber and World Confederation of Billiard Sports President Jorgen Sandman (the WCBS is the permanent member for cue sports to the International Olympic Committee). The world-governing body for pool, the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA), has recently endorsed the program as well. -> Read more on http://www.billiardbook.com.



"Even before I became a professional, Ralph taught me many things that has had a tremendous impact on my career. When I became a professional his teachings became even more insightful. I can't help but pass on his knowledge to my students and share with my friends on the Pro Tour. In professional tournaments against the worlds best players, I still use the principles Ralph taught me."

said Thorsten Hohmann the 9-Ball Poolbilliard World Champion 2003, Straight Pool World Champion 2006 and 1st winner of the International Pool Tour about: "Modern Pool" by Ralph Eckert