GameRoom Magazine announced

Earlier this month, GameRoom Magazine announced
their selections for the Hot Game Room Gifts for
Holiday 2006. (press release below)

eXtreme Custom Billiards was selected by the
company as the HOTTEST game room gift this year.

The company's website is located at:

John Conod (owner) can be reached at:
phone: 352-551-8399

John is available on short notice for interviews
and can bring his products to your studio /
office so that you can see why eXtreme Custom
Billiards's custom pool table was selected as the
HOTTEST game room gift this holiday season.

James Hills on behalf of eXtreme Custom
phone: 630-233-8336


GameRoom Magazine Contact:
Kevin Steele
Editor and Publisher, GameRoom Magazine
Phone: (440) 372-0728

GameRoom Magazine Announces:
The Hot Holiday Game Room Gifts for 2006

Cleveland, OH, November 16, 2006 // GameRoom
Magazine, “Your Guide to the Ultimate Home Game
Room,” today announced their pick for the best
holiday game room gifts. Items selected include a
company that designs one-of-a-kind custom pool
tables, an authentic arcade solution for home
theater fans and a pinball game personalized with
images of one’s family! In addition to high-end
items for the ultimate game room, GameRoom
Magazine has also selected home recreation items
that are perfect for those just starting out,
including a 9-in-1 game table and an arcade
cabinet powered by video game consoles.

Additional product descriptions and information
is available online:

“GameRoom’s mission is to help readers create the
game room of their dreams, which is why we’ve
compiled this list of the coolest and most unique
home entertainment devices on the market today,”
said Kevin Steele, Editor of GameRoom. “These are
the ultimate toys for the whole family, and are
perfect for anyone who enjoys having a good time.
Any of these gifts would make a gamer leap for
joy on Christmas morning.”

Hot Holiday Game Room Gifts:

1. eXtreme Custom Billiards Pool Table

eXtreme Custom Billiards is changing the way
people look at pool tables. Pool tables aren’t
just furniture to this company; they are playable
works of art. Every part of each hand-crafted
pool table can be customized based on an
individual client’s vision, including felt,
cabinet, pockets and accessories. This allows
them to produce designs ranging from a Vietnam
Vet-themed table to those for professional
athletes including the Dale Jarrett / UPS Racing
Team, Dallas Mavericks and the New Orleans Saints
as well as the famous “Hippie” themed table that
was featured on the Discovery Channel’s Monster

2. Personal Pinball’s Family Pinball ($10-$12,000)

Pinball companies have almost always embraced
licensed properties; Personal Pinball is no
different…except now the license is you! Personal
Pinball’s Family Pinball line of customized
pinball machines features a choice of three
themes, Space, Western and Carnival. The
designers then work photos of your family and
loved ones into the design to create your very
own, very personal, Family Pinball.

3. Arcade-In-A-Box’ Arcade-In-A-Box Complete

Arcade-In-A-Box is thinking outside the box and
bringing arcade gaming to the home theater
market. The Arcade-In-A-Box Complete is a
PC-based home arcade console that plugs into any
audio/video source, including projector, plasma,
CRT TV, PC monitor or home theater systems. It
features 50 classic games and functions like a
media center PC, so you can play music, watch
movies, or download more games. Supports S-Video,
VGA and DVI output.

4. Quasimoto’s Quasicade EX ($599)

The Quasicade EX packs the ultimate value for
video gamers looking to take their first step
into the world of home gamerooms. Featuring the
patented Quasicade control panel and supporting
Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC and even Mac,
the Quasicade EX gaming cabinet truly delivers an
experience beyond the ordinary. The Quasicade EX
supports 2.1 or 5.1 sound and up to a 20”
television or computer monitor. Includes s-video
cables and power supply.

5. Namco’s Rockin’ Bowl-O-Rama ($6,999)

This is one of the greatest arcade video games
for the home since Golden Tee. It features a
stunning 1950’s style cabinet, great music, and a
fun game! What else would you expect from Namco?
The game features a collection of six bowling
games: Regulation, three game series, half game,
Trick Shot, Blackjack Bowling, and Ten Pin Poker.
Up to four players can compete in all games. In
addition, the game features 30 tracks  drawing
from your favorite 50’s music so you are sure to
have a rockin’ time at this video bowl-o-rama!

6. Wurlitzer’s 1015 CD and iPod Jukebox ($9,500)

Featuring the classic Wurlitzer look with neon
and bubbles that they first debuted in 1946, this
classic looking juke isn’t just recalling the
golden days, it also eagerly embraces the future.
With a 3-speaker Acoustimass Bose sound system, a
100 CD changer and support for more than 10,000
songs from an iPod, this is the elite jukebox for
music lovers. Wurlitzer offers two color styles,
black and white.

7.’s Harvil 9-in-1 Game Table ($549)

Only have a little space but want to pack as much
fun as possible into your gameroom? Maybe it is
time to try a multi-game table from Harvil. This
multi-game table features nine games and all
necessary accessories to play Foosball, Slide
Hockey, Table Tennis, Chess, Checkers,
Backgammon, Billiards, Bowling, and Shuffleboard.
Exclusively available at

8. Stern Pinball and’s Pirates of the
Caribbean Pinball ($3999 and $299)

It’s not one but two pirate pinballs! First,
Stern Pinball has produced a full size game that
features all the bells and whistles you would
expect from a modern pirate-themed pinball,
including a ship that sinks into the playfield
when hit. Zizzle’s version, targeted towards the
younger generation, still features the real
arcade feel with solenoid powered flippers, tilt
sensor, lights and licensed sound and music from
the movies.

9. A Subscription to GameRoom Magazine makes the
ultimate gift for any game room owner or home rec
fan! also has a large
stock of books and videos for jukebox, pinball,
penny arcade, and video arcade fans.

Celebrating its 18th year of publication,
GameRoom Magazine has grown from a small hobby
magazine focused on coin-op collecting into a
full-color glossy monthly devoted to home
entertainment. Rec Room, Sports Room, Play Room,
or Game Room: whatever you call it, GameRoom
Magazine is devoted to helping you make it the
most entertaining room in the house.

GameRoom Magazine’s publisher Kevin Steele is
available to discuss the 2006 Hot Holiday Game
Room Gifts list, as well as the home game room
market. Print Quality photos are also available
of featured products. For further information, to
receive a sample copy or to schedule an
interview, please contact or call: 630-233-8336.



James Hills

p. 630-233-8336

AIM. JamesHills2
Yahoo: JamesHills2
ICQ: JamesHills2

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