WPA Rules/Referees Congress Delegates Announced

The World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) is convening a WPA Rules/Referees Congress to review and update the world-standardized rules for the sport and to establish a WPA international referees program.  The Congress will take place in Chicago, Illinois, September 21-23, 2006, and fourteen delegates from each of the six member continents to the WPA – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America – have now been formally announced to attend.

1. Michael Arvelo (Netherlands Antilles)           
2.    Dale Brimicombe (Canada)                                   
3.    Wendy Cook (New Zealand)                                 
4.    Waldemar Debski (Poland)                                   
5.    Charles Heiman (South Africa)                                                 
6.    Robert Huang (Chinese Taipei)                                                 
7.    Robert Jewett (USA)                                                                
8.    Holger Kreisel (Austria)                                                            
9.    John Lewis (USA)                   
10.  Cecil Messer (USA)                                    
11.  Thomas Overbeck (Germany)            
12.  Bill Stock (USA)                                         
13.  Chi-We n  Chi-Wen Tsai (Chinese Taipei)                                                 
14. Enrico Wahle (Germany)          

The primary goals of the Congress will be 1). to finalize the new version of the world-standardized rules for pool to go into effect January 1, 2008; and 2). to determine the structure of a WPA referees program through which current and new referees certified within the programs of various national pool federations may be accredited on a standard international level.

Results from the Congress will be announced once any proposals on rules updates and an international referee program are approved at the next WPA Annual General Meeting scheduled to be conducted in the latter half of 2007.    

The WPA is recognized as the world governing body for pool by the World Confederation of Billiard Sports – the permanent member for cue sports of the International Olympic Committee since 1998.


Breaking News

Hall of Fame Members Jim Rempe and Buddy Hall have withdrawn from the IPT World Open 8-Ball Championship citing "personal reasons" that are keeping them from being able to perform under the grueling tournament format and conditions. Rempe expressed great disappointment about not being able to play and Hall was not available for comment.

These two spots are now up for grabs and the IPT will fill them based on the qualification tournaments for the World Open. Players who have taken third place in World Open qualification tournaments more than once will be considered first. Then, players who took third place once will be considered. If there are ties, the IPT will consider the total number of qualification tournaments the players have played in. There are still five remaining qualification tournament in which to compete.

Qualification Tournaments
This is your last chance to qualify to play in the World Open. Qualification tournaments this weekend are being played in Florida, Chicago, Tokyo, London, and Pasadena! Entry fee deadline is Thursday August 24th, 2006 at 4pm CST. Click here to enter a qualifier for the biggest tournament in the history of pool, the World Open, with an unprecedented $3,000,000 prize fund and an historic first place prize of $500,000.

Deno Andrews
Tour Director, IPT