ACS Elects New Board of Directors

At its recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the 2006 ACS Nationals, the ACS board of directors was renewed to include three new directors: Bob Calderone (representing the National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association), Bob Jewett (representing the United States Billiard Association) and Jay Wegener (newly appointed by the Minnesota ACS).  Mike Wilson (Southern Amusement Pool League – VA) was elected to a two year term as a Sanctioned League Member director, and Dwaine Bowman (Leisure Time Billiards – IL) was elected to a two-year term as a Room Operator director.  Dwaine Bowman was elected by the board to the office of Secretary. The other officers were re-elected to their positions for another year.

The ACS continues to build its membership base while expanding its alliance with other non-profit associations to guide United States cue sports towards a unified image and promotion of the sport.

2006-2007 ACS Board of Directors:

Cecil Messer – President (Certified Referee Director)
W.C. Dixon – Vice President (State Association Director - ACS Texas)
Dwaine Bowman – Secretary (Room Operator Director – Leisure Time Billiards)
James Ruder – Treasurer (Sanctioned League Member Director – New England Billiard League)

Bob Calderone – Affiliated Association Director (National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association)
Sandra Chamberlain - State Association Director (Oklahoma ACS)
Steve Cooper - Affiliated Association Director (Canadian Billiard and Snooker Association)
Ted Harms - Affiliated Association Director (Canadian Cue Sport Association)
 David Howell - State Association Director (ACS Rocky Mountain Pool Association)
Robert Jewett - Affiliated Association Director (United States Billiard Association)
Ray Lambotte - State Association Director (ACS Illinois State Association)
Edsel Martin - State Association Director (Georgia ACS League Association)
Joseph Mejia - Affiliated Association Director (United States Snooker Association)
Bill Mildenberger - State Association Director (Pacific American CueSports)
Julie Ann Mitchell - State Association Director (ACS Indiana Association)
Robbie Morito – State Association Director (Sunshine State ACS Pocket Billiards Association)
Jay Wegener – State Association Director (MN ACS)
Lee White – State Association Director (ACS AZ)
Mike Wilson - Sanctioned League Member Director (Southern Amusement Pool League)

The ACS is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to heightening the interest and awareness of cue sports through the support and sanctioning of organized competition throughout the United States and North America.

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